Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is The Empowerment Experiment?

Well, initially it was named "The Ebony Experiment" as shown in the image to the left (found on 'thatblackgirlsite.com'). Renamed so it wouldn't be so racist sounding. As found here "http://theebonyexperiment.blogspot.com/ , and here http://www.ebonyexperiment.com/purpose.html ". Those sites will probably be removed soon as to not show the racism, to be replaced by the new sites they have made. You can also find mention on www.playahata.com ,
thesavvy-sista.com , www.blackweb20.com , www.blackinformant.com , www.blackplanet.com , globalgrind.com , iamcolourful.com , whatitbe.com , essence.com and more!

That by the way is NOT a joke. All of those websites are correct. I didn't realize there were so many sites dedicated to a particular race. That was only a few of them.

Just for comparison, I searched for sites dedicated toward white people. I did find one ' stuffwhitepeoplelike.com'. I went to the site and it was just a site named after a book.

Back to The Ebony or Empowerment Experiment:
It is another form of racism where blacks only buy from black owned stores. Forget the economic problems of America where everyone needs to start buying products made in the USA!

I think ideas like this will keep racism alive and strong.

America is ready for a change. Example: Obama making President. That wasn't an accident. People actually want change!

Imagine if a white couple went on the news with The Ivory Experiment. There would be marches and revolts. It happens all of the time. Any hint of racism gets publicized and criticized if made by a white person.

Ebony and Jet magazine. BET (Black Entertainment Television), National Negro College Fund,NAACP | National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Black Colleges. This is just a start.

What if there were Ivory Magazines, White Entertainment Television, Caucasian College Funds, and White Colleges?

There will always be racism as long as there are companies and ideas like this. End the Black Only and be the America Only!

I have traveled the country and found that most racism actually stems from the lower-class black and white areas. Mostly from the lower-class black areas. But to see companies actually shout out "black first", you can see why that is.

The country is ready to end racism. If Companies and ideas like this would jump on board, then racism would dramatically decrease. But we have to see it from their point of view. The companies only have one audience, they cannot afford to help end racism by not singling out a specific race.

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  1. To find out more about the Empowerment Experiment. Check out their website http://www.ebonyexperiment.com

    With ideas like this, racism will never go away!