Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rediculously Equal

I did a search and limited it to black and white for now.
The search consisted of many things. For one, I wanted to find out if there was a caucasian magazine or really a caucasian anything.

There was not a single entity that was designed for white people. Not one single thing.

If there were, then there really would be people in the streets shouting racism!
Now, if you search for African American magazine, there are dozens, and that is just magazines.

Project: Just for giggles, type caucasian into google. You will get a definition and some other foreign things.

Now type in African American. Enough said.

The reason this is, is because every time a white person says or does anything that has to do with one race, there really is a mob. It is in the news, naacp is called into action, etc. etc.

It seems to me that everyone has tried too hard to make things equal to the point where it has become unequal. Blacks actually do have more rights than whites.
White people aren't allowed to have white only anything.

On a side note:
Remember a couple of years ago when David Howard, an aide to a politician said the word 'niggardly'? Which means reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
He was forced to resign, because listeners didn't know what the word meant.
Fortunately he got his job back.

Listen to a rap songs all day. How many times do you hear the 'n' word?
If the black community doesn't want anyone else saying the word, why say it themselves? Don't promote it.

Anyway, the point I am getting at:

What if a white couple decided to buy only from white owned businesses? That would be their personal choice.
What if they went on TV and made websites about it, and tried to promote it? That would be racist. They would be publicly humiliated, and probably lose jobs etc.

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  1. I found one white website. Stormfront.
    It's a rough one.