Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Enterprise article

Black Enterprise has an article about this experiment. www.blackenterprise.com/wealth-for-life/2009/03/20/empowerment-experiment-shines-light-on-black-business-blight

I had to leave my comment near the end.
"Does this promote racism? America is ready for a change. Example: President Obama. Ideas like this help keep racism alive and strong.

Check out this site: http://empowermentexperiment.blogspot.com

During these hard economic times, Americans should be buying American goods. Not Blacks from Blacks."

I think the website itself is racist. Black Enterprise. I repeat, companies like this prevent racism from ever going away. Anything that promotes one color, defends one color, fights against other races just keeps racism alive.

How can we say America is not equal? Our President is an African American. I voted for him!

Everyone has equal opportunity if they go after it. Try to find a way to end gangs and promote education. These low income areas are where the majority of the problem lies, where the majority of the personal racism lies. End the quest for promoting one race. Big business supporting racism does not help the situation.

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